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One-click Access to DeFi Yields worth your Trust

By analysing thousands of projects & protocols, we chose DeFi strategies with best risk-reward ratio

Earn with DeFi.
Easy & Confident

100% self-custodial platform with exclusive educational content, risk scoring and deep strategies analytics

Short Video Tutorials
Exclusive educational content for smarter investment decisions
Risk Scoring & Security Audits
Evaluate and diversify risks to form a balanced investment portfolio
Detailed Strategy Analysis
Dive deeper in strategy metrics with built in analytics module
One-click Investments
Enter & exit strategy in one click paying gas with any token
100% Self-custodial
We don’t store your keys or assets. True decentralised experience

Stay Updated to keep your Crypto Growing

Strategies Lifetime
We monitor each strategy to notify you about any important change
Detailed PnL Statistics
Monitor portfolio statistics including strategies and assets performance
Private Investment Club
Join our closed community to get insights and alpha calls

Web3 Smart Wallet. Self-custodial

Powered by Account Abstraction
Based on ERC-4337 smart contract standard, one of the latest Ethereum's team Improvement Proposals.
Seedless Wallet Creation
Set-up your wallet with Google or a social media account. No need for a seed phrase. 
Gas Payments in any token
Pay for gas fees with any token and save up thanks to batch transactions.
Cross-chain Swaps
Make cross-chain swaps in 1-click with real-time fraud monitoring.
Ultimate Security & Recovery
Advanced security: auto lock timer, 2FA, and multi-signature. Your funds are under ultimate protection.
Wallet Browser Extension
Use Rivo Wallet browser extension to interact with other decentralised applications.
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