Boost Your Crypto Earnings: Safe, One-Click Investments in Top DeFi Strategies

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Top-notch protocols integrations

Securely Mastering  your DeFi Yields

Everything you need to efficiently manage your DeFi portfolio.


No access to user’s funds or private keys

Pre-selected Strategies

Analysing thousands protocols to select strategies with best risk-reward ratio


Enter and exit strategies in one click, paying gas with any token


Make cross-chain swaps in one click with real-time fraud monitoring

Make Smarter Investment Decisions

Unique content, filter, and tagging systems provide a deeper perspective on each listed DeFi strategy

Profit & Loss
Transparent tracking of your DeFi portfolio performance
Risk Scoring & Security Audits
Form an investment portfolio matching your risk profile
Strategies Lifetime & Notifications
Receive notifications when key strategy metrics changed
Short Video Tutorials
Exclusive educational content for making smarter investment decisions
Strategies Metrics & Types
Skip endless swapping and enter DeFi strategies with any token at the optimized & transparent routes

Complete Tasks - Earn Points

10% of total token supply is allocated
for community incentives


Built-in Smart Wallet. Self-custodial

Powered by Account Abstraction technology

Based on ERC-4337 smart contract standard, one of the latest Ethereum's team Improvement Proposals.

Seedless creation and login with socials

Set-up your wallet with Google or a social media account. No need for a seed phrase.

Pay gas with any token ERC20

Pay for gas fees with any token and save up thanks to batch transactions.

Ultimate security & Recovery

Advanced security: auto lock timer, 2FA, and multi-signature. Your funds are under ultimate protection.